About WIBJ

Women in Blue Jeans is presented each year by a group of dedicated volunteer women to provide education, inspiration, and networking opportunities to women of rural America.

What you’ll find at Women in Blue Jeans is a group of feisty women who come together for a variety of reasons. Some come to relax, some to learn, and some to meet new people or get together with old friends. Everyone comes knowing that when they leave, they will have renewed their sense of pride in being from rural America, whether from a farm or a small town community. They will have learned a thing or two. And they will be ready to come back again next year.

     At Women in Blue Jeans, we offer sessions that are customized for us. We are curious learners and eager participants in the sessions we attend. All sessions are geared toward the beginner unless otherwise noted. As a participant in our sessions, you don’t need to worry that we’ll be over your head. What you will need to worry about is which sessions to attend – every session in a first choice, and every session is offered only once a year. Plan now to attend again next year to catch the sessions you missed this time around!

     Come to Women in Blue Jeans and let us celebrate you and your contributions to rural America. Let us entertain and inspire you. You’ll be so glad you did.